PBP studio stats:
VO isolation booth
MHK 416
Focusrite Saffire 24
Joemeek EQ
Skype, Phone Patch Connected Studio

File Delivery:
Email Mp3, Wav
Download Link- Google Drive

ipDTL = https://ipdtl.com/link/2JtF6XXi
Phone Patch = 1 (240) 575- 9909
Skype = philbriggsrocks

With over 18 years in the Radio/TV industry, partnerships with song writers and video producers Phil Briggs Productions offers voice acting and creative production that works.

I'm available for spec spots and love auditions for new and interesting copy.
Fast turn-around, No problem.

My story:
I’ve been a Broadcaster and Voice Actor for over 18 years.
I've worked radio in markets like; Providence, RI, Boston, MA, Salt Lake City, UT and my hometown, Washington DC / suburban Maryland.
Along the way, I've studied with some of the top names in Voice Acting.
I've been featured on numerous campaigns including; Harley Davidson & Nissan.
I currently live just outside Washington DC, in Frederick, Maryland with my wife, imaginative (and talkative) daughter and son.

When you need an experienced voice actor or killer production, call me.

-Phil Briggs